“Yoooo, Leroy can’t believe he actually got to come back to Earth. He was just happy he didn’t have to come back as a human or an insect or cow or a chicken or any other meat that humans eat or kill.” Leroy stated.

“Leroy Jenkins? That you?” the other creature nearby peered at Leroy, using his multiple feet to crawl towards him, never breaking his stare.

Leroy stopped in his tracks and looked towards the creature. “Yea this Leroy. Who you?” He quizzed cautiously.

Finally a few inches away from Leroy, the other creature shouted excitedly, “It’s ME man, Mike-Mike!”

Mike-Mike attempted to give Leroy a hug but his new body made it difficult.

Leroy smiled, finally remembering Mike-Mike from his past life. “Ohhh yeah. Leroy remembers Mike-Mike. How’d you know it was Leroy?”

Mike-Mike was giddy. “Man, you the only negro I know who speaks in third person!”

“Leroy and Mike-Mike are not negroes anymore. They can’t kill Leroy anymore.” Leroy corrected.

Mike-Mike squinted at Leroy. “Who you talkin about Leroy?”

Leroy huffed, then sighed as if the answer should’ve been obvious. “The po-lice. They the reason Leroy here. They would not let Leroy tell ’em that Leroy was on his way to group.”

“Aaah.” Mike-Mike answered. The memory was fuzzy but Mike-Mike faintly remembered that Leroy had been mentally challenged in their past life. The fact that Leroy was still the same in his new life seemed unfair to Mike-Mike.

Leroy nodded and grinned, “Yep, they can’t kill Leroy no more. Mike-Mike and Leroy invisible. Indestructible. No bad guys and no cops can hurt Leroy now.”

Mike-Mike smiled, thinkin maybe life HAD been good to Leroy this time around. “Yep,” Mike-Mike agreed, “It sure is nice to be a tiny ol invisible tardigrade.”

“Waterbear.” Leroy corrected as they both crawled along side by side.

Mike-Mike nodded, not bothering to inform Leroy that “tardigrade” was the scientific name of “waterbear”. He was just happy to reunite with an old friend from a previous lifetime.

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